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Handle Heavy Weights and Moving Loads

EverRoad Access Matting is a durable matting system that provides a protective support base for vehicles and equipment. Mats are simply laid in place over the existing ground surface, providing a solid surface for access or a temporary roadway for a variety of applications.

These ground protection mats are designed to resist heavy moving loads and are manufactured using a high density polyethylene material that provides the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility, allowing mats to gently flex under heavy loads, without cracking or breaking.

EverRoad mats are durable enough for excavators to work on

Place the EverRoads on top of any surface to protect the ground

Heavy machinery can easily maneuver over the EverRoads without damaging them

Anti-slip knobs on the EverRoad make it easy for traction

Durable and Stable

From trucks, to forklifts EverBlock matting can withstand incredible loads (120-ton vehicles can easily be handled), while protecting the sub-surface and providing a firm support base for traffic, work, or event attendees.

By distributing weights over a larger area, EverBlock mats are the perfect ground protection mats and trackway for use at stadiums and sports fields and on high-end lawns and parklands.

These are an ideal alternative to unsightly and inefficient plywood sheets. For years people have used plywood sheeting for access over lawns, at work sites, for equipment pads. The problem with plywood is that sheet easily warp, can get waterlogged (and thus heavier), and can chip, splinter, and rot.

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A forklift applying loads of pressure on to the EverRoad without it breaking

Anti-Slip Tread Pattern

Each EverBlock mat incorporates an attractive anti-skid surface that provides traction for wheeled vehicles, caster wheels, and pedestrians.

Traction nubs cover both sides of the mat, preventing mats from slipping on wet or muddy surfaces and preventing equipment and vehicles from slipping on the mat itself. The nubs are large enough to provide traction, but are still designed to be comfortable for pedestrian use.

The EverBlock traction pattern is designed to be easily cleaned and minimizes areas where dirt can build up or get stuck.

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anti-slip tread pattern

Common Uses:

    • Lawn and parkland protection

    • Sports field protection

    • Access over soft ground

    • Sidewalk protection

    • Access over sand

    • Boneyard flooring

    • Forklift, boom lift and backhoe access

    • Work platforms

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The EverRoad is perfect for industrial machinery uses

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