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Connector Lug Tile - Flooring for EverBlock Building Blocks

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EverBase 1-DT, EverBase 2-DT and EverBase 3-DT versions can be converted into a connector lug tile for the EverBlock Building Block System. EverBlock connector lug tile is essentially the same DT flooring module, except Lugs are snapped into existing drainage holes to facilitate the mounting of blocks on top of the flooring. Connector Lugs, which are purchased separately, are spaced to align with the underside of the EverBlock Block.

Only snap the square lugs into place in the areas where blocks will be placed, such as along the line of a wall, under a podium, etc, and leave other areas free of lugs. The lugs provide lateral support, against slippage or movement of the wall or other block object and help stabilize the construction and also provide a firm support base for the blocks on outdoor surfaces such as fields, parking lots, gravel or dirt surfaces.

Connecting Flooring To EverBlocks

The EverBlock connector lug tile system allows EverBlock building blocks to nest on top of the flooring, while the lugs prevent movement of the blocks and support walls and other structures.

One of the benefits of EverBlock flooring is that multiple versions of may be used together, allowing for varying textures, colors, and versions alongside each other on the same project.

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Attach lugs on to EverBlock Flooring tiles

Lugs are needed when you want to mount an EverBlock on to a flooring tile

Place the EverBlock on top of the floor tile

Lugs will not be seen when an EverBlock is placed on top of the floor tile

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