Modular Flooring Created By The Industry's Recognized Pioneer 


EverBlock Systems, LLC. is a leading manufacturer of modular building systems, having provided its products to companies such as Microsoft, Google, MIT, Marriott, Chanel, The US Army, Deloitte,, Amazon, and more.

Arnon Rosan, the company’s founder, was a pioneer in the development of the modular flooring industry and designed the world’s most widely used modular flooring and roadway systems. He is listed on multiple global patents related to interlocking flooring design and process and is a recognized leader in the industry.

Mr. Rosan’s flooring designs have been used at prominent events such as at multiple Olympics,  Asia Games, Commonwealth Games, PGA Tournaments and at thousands of concerts, stadiums, arenas, and facilities worldwide.  

EverBlock Systems manufactures, rents and sells the latest designs in modular flooring, incorporating its founders 25 years of experience in modular flooring design.

EverBlock markets its products both domestically and overseas and has an extensive network of international stocking agents ready to serve the needs of our global customers.

Located in New York, EverBlock is proud to be a 100% USA based manufacturer of modular flooring and building block systems.