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Portable Interlocking Dance Floors

EverDance is the ideal dance floor for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. From hotels to convention centers and from party rental companies to tent and event companies, EverDance is the perfect portable dance floor for all types of events. Purchase individual tiles or complete dance floor packages, depending on your needs.

The simple interlock methodology, durable construction, and realistic wood-grain finish of the EverDance all contribute to making EverBlock the perfect choice for a variety of venues and organizations.

Write a message in your floor with the different color flooring tiles!

The dark wood parquet provides a beautiful look to an event

Mix in some colorful tiles into your flooring!

illuminate blocks and floor tiles for a unique design

Dance Studios and Ballet Floors

EverDance floors are designed to be a multi-purpose, all weather flooring systems that can be used both indoors and outside, without the need for an additional subfloor.

Sections can even be submerged without any damage and are ideal for wet environments and climates.

Shop Dance Floor Packages
Setup your dance studio with flooring tiles and EverBlocks
EverBlock Flooring and EverBlocks in a ballet studio

Create benches to sit on with EverBlocks around your EverBlock Flooring build

EverDance tiles with a light wood parquet

Setup the dance studio using tiles with a light wood parquet finish

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