Modular Building Blocks That Work With EverBlock Flooring

EverBlock Building Blocks

In addition to modular flooring systems, EverBlock also manufactures a complete line of compatible modular building blocks, used to build temporary and permanent walls, trade show exhibits, furniture, props, and more.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to create a room divider in a loft space or kids bedroom, an office looking to install demountable walls, a factory looking to divide their space, a gym looking to provide a colorful and fun enclosure for a play or workout area, or a special event looking to divide tents or ballrooms in an elegant fashion, the versatility of EverBlock makes these types of projects a "snap". 

Our modular building blocks connect both on top of and underneath EverBlock Flooring to create a fully integrated building system.   

The EverBlock sales team is fully trained in both modular building systems and stand ready to assist and consult with you on your specific flooring or block wall needs. 

Visit our EverBlock Modular Building Block Division HERE