EverBase 3 Expansion Joint

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EverBase 3 Expansion Joint

The expansion is designed to close during expansion and to open during floor contraction - providing up to 3” of variability and it only works with the EverBase 3.

Depending on your climate and typical weather conditions during your event season, we recommend inserting a line of expansion joints, approximately every 50 feet. When installing each module, adjust it to the half-open position, allowing for your floor to both expand and contract as needed. Once the row is installed, you can continue installing EBF3 standard modules as needed to complete the next section.

When installing any modular plastic system outdoors, variability in sunlight and temperature will cause natural thermal expansion (during the day and in higher heat conditions) and thermal contraction (at night when there is no sunlight and when things cool down).  There can even be variability throughout the day, when clouds obstruct the sun and then clear up.

EBF3-EJ in closed position:
When a floor expands, it will buckle upwards, causing a wave in the floor.  With no-place to go, the extra expansion pushes upwards, creating a potentially serious situation.

EBF3-EJ in open position:
This is the “deep dark secret” in the modular flooring business, and a challenge that stadiums and event companies have been dealing with since the emergence of modular turf protection systems. Some people hose down their floor, to cool it down, while others leave open seams and splits in the floor, to allow for expansion.

With the EverBase3 Expansion Joint, there is now a uniquely engineered solution to this serious problem and you will no longer have to fear temperature or weather fluctuations and the effects they have on your floor.