Floor Elevation Packages For Staging and Risers

$175.20 - $1,460.01
Floor Elevation Packages for Staging and Risers


EverBlock Floor Elevation Kit To Create Modular Staging and Platforms

IMPORTANT: Elevation kits do not include EverBlock flooring tiles for the top surface of the platform. Please order flooring to complete your construction.

EverBlock Floor Elevation Kits consist of only building blocks that are used to elevate your floor to build modular staging, platforms, podiums, portable risers, and display platforms.

Blocks serve as the structural base underneath flooring tiles, which nest tightly on top of the EverBlock building blocks.

Elevation kits include enough blocks to create the desired platform at the desired height (7", 13",  or 19") and serve as the foundation under your floor (All floor tiles add 0.5" to the height of your platform).