EverBlock Flooring - CCRA 2019 Trade Show Flooring System

EverBase 10ft x 10ft CCRA 2019 Trade Show Floor Package
from 817.77

EverBase 10ft x 10ft Trade Show Floor Set

The EverBase Solid Top 10ft x 10ft CCRA 2019 Trade Show Floor Set includes the following:

  • 100 Sq/Ft of EverBase Solid Top modular dance floor

  • 10 Linear Feet (pcs) of Male Edging

  • 20 Linear Feet (pcs) of Female Edging

  • 4 Corner Edging pieces

Colors*: Blue, Brown, Dark Grey, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Red, Silver, and Yellow

*Limited quantities available in each color

NOTE: All 10ft x 10ft Floor kits will ship on 1 pallet (48”L x 40”W x 24”H @ 185 lbs) and are only available to ship directly to the Show site.

Please submit completed Shipping Labels that include Exhibitor Name & Booth # to customerservice@everblocksystems.com at the time of purchase.

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