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Exhibit and Trade Show Flooring For Any Event

EverBlock flooring is perfect for exhibitions and trade shows and is ideal as flooring for indoor and outdoor exhibits. Providing a modern and clean look that compliments the theme of any exhibit or booth, yet doesn’t distract from the other elements of the installation.

Flooring sections can be deployed for any sized trade show booth. From small 10x10 booths to larger 40x60 booths, EverBlock connects quickly and installs easily over carpet, concrete, and other typical convention center surfaces. EverBlock trade show flooring can also be used outdoors and over grass, gravel, sand, and even mud.

EverBlock Flooring tradeshow booth setup

Red Bull's use of EverBlock Flooring

Colorful floor tiles being used at a tradeshow

Illuminate your dance floors with LED lights

Transition Edges To Finish Your Floor

EverBlock transition edge pieces snap onto the ends of trade show flooring sections, providing a finished look and a gradual transition from the surface below.

Edging is 6" wide and 12" long and comes in male, female and corner pieces. All edging is black but can be run in custom colors for minimum order sizes.

Due to EverBlock’s unique connector design, flooring sections can be nudged by foot into their connection position and then snapped into place with a simple step.

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Integrate Flooring With EverBlock's Modular Building Blocks

The flooring tiles are part of the EverBlock Modular Building System and integrates with EverBlock building blocks to provide a complete exhibit building system.

EverBlock flooring sections feature optional connector lugs that snap onto the tops of flooring sections, providing the connection feature required to connect EverBlock building blocks solidly to the floor. Connect lugs only to the flooring sections where blocks will be attached.

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