What Type of Flooring Do I Need?

Depending on your specific application, we have several different types of flooring that may work for your needs.  Under the applications pull down tab above, there is a list of applications for which our floors are suited.  In each application section there is a list of the products that are ideal for the specific use.   You can click on each product to see more details and specification or go here for an overview.


How Much Flooring Do I Need?

We can help you figure out the number of square feet of flooring that you need.  Typically, you take the length of the space multiplied by the width of the space to get the total number of sq/ft of floor (i.e. LxW). In some cases, if you have an irregularly sized area you may need to measure the total square footage in sections and add the sections together.  By providing us with a floor plan we can help you figure out the number of square feet you require.  You can also use our online 3D virtual builder to build out your space (and any color patterns) and figure out the number of sq/ft required for each color. 

Note that we offer two different module sizes and one mat size.  EverBase is a 12" x 12" module, which is 1 sq/ft in total.  EverBase 2 is 18" x 24", which is 3 sq/ft in total.  It is less expensive to build a floor with EverBase 2, but you get a little less flexibility or "resolution" to make patterns or designs.  A combination of EverBase and EverBase 2 is usually best for larger floors in which you want to add some detail, such as a dance floor or patterned floor within. 

For the EverRoad Access Matting, each mat is 4ft x 8ft (48" x 96") or 32 sq/ft per mat. 


How Long Does It Take To Install EverBlock Flooring?

EverBase and EverBase 2 flooring, when installed by an experienced crew, can be installed at the rate of about 700 sq/ft per person per hour from pre-assembled 3ftx3ft or 3ftx4ft sheets. 

EverBase 3, installs more quickly, at rate of about 1,100 sq/ft per person per hour.

Dismantling your floor takes about half the time it takes to install the floor, when the proper tip and disconnect technique is used.  

Most of the time for installation involves making sure the product is close to the location of installation, so that you don't have to walk back and forth to get flooring sections and then to place them into position. 


How Long Does It Take To Get EverBlock Flooring?

Typically we can delivery up to 25,000 sq/ft of flooring within 10 days, anywhere in the continental USA. From time to time we experience 2-3 week backlogs on production so it is good to leave as much time as possible to receive your floor.

Contact us if you have specific timing requirements and we usually can adjust our schedule to accommodate your deadlines. 


is EverBlock Flooring Manufactured in the USA?

Yes! EverBlock Flooring is 100% manufactured in the USA, at our molding plant in New York State.


Is EverBlock Flooring Made From Recycled Material?

Yes... and no. All Black EverBlock flooring is also manufactured using 100% recycled material.  The other flooring colors are manufactured using new material, in an effort to maintain color consistency and quality. 

We are always working with our material suppliers to obtain quality recycled product that can be used in colors other than Black, but at this time have not found a feedstock that we are comfortable with. 


How Long Have You Been in Business?

We have been in business just about 4 years (as of the beginning of 2019).  The founder of our company has over 25 years experience in the modular flooring industry and was a pioneer in designing, patenting, and refining many of the modular floors in-use today. He has built and sold two different modular flooring businesses, with EverBlock being his latest venture.  


What Type of Warranty Do You Offer?

We offer a 3 year limited warranty to the original purchaser that the product (a) conforms to EverBlock published specifications, and (b) is free from defects in material and workmanship.  We will replace at no cost defective product that does not meet our standards.  Full details on our warranty can be found here.


What is Your Return Policy?

Products ordered online may be returned in its original packaging for a 15% re-stocking fee, plus round trip freight.  We encourage you to think carefully about your order and about your specific needs, as the cost of returning flooring can be quite high for both parties.   We do not accept returns of used or damaged product or of complete stadium or arena cover systems.


Is EverBlock Flooring Fire Rated?

Yes. EverBlock Flooring has been tested to both UL94 HB (Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices) and ASTM D2859 (Standard Test Method For Flammability of Finished Textile Floor Covering Materials), two standards commonly used in the industry.