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Modular Flooring and Ground Protection Systems

EverBlock® manufactures a complete line of modular flooring systems to meet your various needs. From dance floors, to tent flooring and from stadium turf protection systems to exhibit flooring, EverBlock has an interlocking flooring system for your specific application. Hotels, tent and event companies, stadiums, arenas, exhibit builders, and residential and corporate users all utilize EverBlock Flooring to meet their flooring needs and requirements.

EverBlock also offers a line of durable industrial access mats, that provide a safe support base to allow access for vehicles and equipment over soft ground surfaces. From access for trucks to protection of sensitive lawn and sports turf surfaces at events, EverRoad® ground protection matting meets the needs of all types of businesses and facilities.

Various Versions Work Together Seamlessly

Each EverBlock floor version contains unique features specific to its application, yet many of the modules work together and can interconnect, providing the ultimate in flexibility. For example, our EverDance dance floors will fully connect to a surrounding EverBase 2 floor to create a seamless overall look for your event.

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Modular Interlocking Technology

EverBlock incorporates the latest technology in modular flooring design and incorporates the latest aesthetic trends, the most advanced connection system technology, and a focus on structural strength.

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Integrated Cable Channels

EverBlock Flooring modules contain structural cross-ribs for additional strength and integrated cable and drainage channels on the underside, which enable you to run networking and power cables under your floor and allow rain and water to flow underneath the floor. You can also run LED lights to illuminate translucent versions of the floor, for dramatic effects on dance floors.

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Long Lasting and Durable

Every EverBlock Flooring version is manufactured in a high-impact Polypropylene co-polymer that contains UV inhibitors for outdoor protection in direct sunlight and is chemical resistant and easy to clean.

Our modular flooring systems can support tremendous weights and can handle the traffic of large scale events and gatherings.

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