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EverBlock Floors are perfect for both residential and industrial garage floor and basement floor use. The wide range of colors and wood finishes of the EverBlock system enables to you to design unique and stylish floors, in 16 colors and 3 wood finishes, and to alternate colors as needed to create patterns and to achieve the desired look and effect.

Cover unsightly and damaged floors or simply add some pizazz to your existing concrete floor. Once installed, EverBlock Flooring will lay flat over the existing sub-floor and provide a more finished look in your garage or basement. For basements, use EverBlock as a raised subfloor, onto which carpet and other surfaces may be installed.

EverBlock Flooring used in a bedroom

EverBlock Flooring tiles can be used to spice your bedroom, living room, etc.

EverBlocks and EverBlock Flooring used to create a modular living room

Convert your traditional concrete floor into a more modern look with EverBlock Flooring tiles

Alternate Colors and Incorporate Patterns

With EverBlock you can create amazing garage and basement floors that match your existing garage theme or home decor and you can enhance existing themes with additional colors, wood textures and patterns and designs.

Choose from our 16 standard colors or our 4 wood finishes, which can be alternated and interchanged to create beautiful designs and effects.

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EverBlock Flooring tiles in a checkerboard pattern
EverBase Solid Top

EverBlock Flooring Light Wood Plank

EverBlock Flooring Light Wood Parquet

Light Gray Plank

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