Gym Floor Protection / Gym Floor Cover


The EverCover Gym Floor Protection System is designed to protect sensitive surfaces against damage from pedestrians, catering carts, and other event traffic.

Imagine turning your gymnasium or other space into a full service event space, suitable for trade shows, alumni events, receptions, corporate events, concerts, and graduations.

Use EverCover tiles to protect gym floors and other sensitive surfaces such as stone and tile against damage, making it ideal for schools, recreation centers, and historic houses and facilities.

Each tile is 39.37” x 78.74” and over .2” thick and weights 13.67lbs, making it easy to transport and install. EverCover meets relevant fire standards, including meeting a BFl-S1 fireproof rating.

Gym floor protection


  • Gym Floor Protection

  • Trade Show and Exhibition Flooring (over concrete)

  • Tent and Event Flooring (above a sub-floor)

  • Stone and tile floor protection

Durable Rigid Construction

Durable, semi-rigid polyolefin backing

Durable, semi-rigid polyolefin backing

Our oversized carpet tiles are rigid and incorporate a durable industrial carpet surface, fused to a semi-rigid polyolefin backing that both provides traction and additional surface protection.

Unlike traditional carpet tiles, EverCover is oversized and rigid, providing a high level of protection to the surface below.

Convert your gym into a true multi-purpose event venue

Convert your gym into a true multi-purpose event venue

Installs and removes quickly

Tiles are loose-laid next to each other to create a seamless and attractive surface for all types of receptions, trade shows, and other on-court events. No tape or tools are required to deploy or remove EverCover and a typical gym floor can be covered by 3-4 people in about 2 hours.

Once deployed, sections stay in position and do not move even under heavy traffic.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

EverCover is manufactured using the highest grade needle punch textile, making it a durable and suitable choice for large scale events. Carpet is resistant to stains and spills and may easily be cleaned using standard cleaning supplies. You can even drive a carpet cleaning machine over a deployed EverCover floor. In the rare event that a tile is damaged beyond repair, simply remove a single EverCover tile and replace.

Protect wood, urethane, and other sensitive surfaces

Protect wood, urethane, and other sensitive surfaces

Choose from 5 Standard Colors

EverCover comes in 5 standard colors that may be purchased as a solid color lot, or mixed and matched as needed to meet your design goals. Custom colors are available for orders of 50,000 sq/ft of flooring or more.

Utilize our Transport Cart for Easy Transport, Installation, and Storage

EverCover cart

We offer a specially sized, heavy-duty transport cart that allows you to transport a large quantity of EverCover tiles into position for installation.

Each EverCover cart includes heavy duty caster wheels and is constructed from solid steel that is powder coated.