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Ice Arena Covers and Protection

EverBase® 3 is specially designed to cover ice rinks, allowing them to become true multi-purpose venues to host events, such as concerts, parties, corporate events, job fairs, festivals, and other sporting uses. EverBase3 sections feature an integrated bottom layer that closes off flooring modules and provides additional insulation and ice protection, there is NO need to drain your ice for days.

Air is trapped between plastic layers and structural cross ribbing, providing a transition from the colder ice to the warmer ambient room temperature above, keeping attendees warm. Draining your ice arena is costly and time consuming. Easily cover your ice rink to host marketing or branding activations, trade shows and graduations without damaging your ice below.

Cover the ice rinks with EverBlock Flooring

Protect your ice rinks with EverBlock Flooring

Turn an ice rink into a trade show floor with EverBlock Flooring

Easy to install - EverBlock Flooring tiles connect on all 4 sides

Durable, Supportive and Easy To Clean

EverBase flooring is durable and can withstand the rigors of daily rink use. Sections are reinforced with structural cross ribbing and manufactured using a High-Impact Polypropylene plastic for long life and rugged daily use.

The tiles are water, chemical and weather resistant and is easy to clean using standard cleaning fluids or a pressure washer. Portable ice rink flooring features a sand-blasted anti-slip surface, which is both easy to clean and provides good traction for visitors.

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EverBase Tiles being placed on an ice rink
Convert an ice rink into a stage with EverBlock Flooring

Protect the ice rink when installing a stage by using EverBlock Flooring

EverBlock Flooring tiles are durable enough to withstand  very heavy loads

With EverBlock Flooring - you can convert an ice rink into a trade show or event!

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