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Durable Structures For Disaster Relief And Military Applications

EverBlock is perfect for military tent flooring and disaster relief shelter flooring. From tactical operations centers (TOC) to sleeping tents and from kitchen and hospital tents to storage tents, EverBlock is the ideal system for remote deployment in harsh environments.

From rapidly deployable shelters to larger scale warehouse structures, EverBlock can be used to keep personnel and equipment out of the mud, sand and dirt.

When combined with the EverBlock modular block system it is possible to create complete structures for all types of military and disaster relief structures.

Australian and New Zealand soldiers from Task Group Taji 8, with the assistance of instructors from the Iraqi Army School of Infantry NCO II (SINCO II), have built a new Modular Urban Training Facility at the Taji Military Complex, north of Baghdad.

Durable And Easy To Clean

EverBlock flooring is durable and can withstand the rigors of daily use in military and disaster relief environments. When sections are connected, the connector clips are protected from damage and keep flooring together under varying ground conditions.

EverBlock flooring features a sand-blasted anti-slip surface, which is both easy to clean and provides good traction in wet conditions.

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EverBlock Flooring tiles being used at a military training operation

Common Applications

  • Disaster relief tents and structures

  • OC’s (Tactical Operations Centers)

  • MOUTs (Military Operations Urban Training) & UO training

  • Medical and Command tents

  • Rapidly deployable structures (Base-X, Drash)

  • Storage and warehouse tents

  • Pathways between tents

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EverBlock Flooring and EverBlocks used to create temporary structures for training
Create temporary buildings with EverBlocks and EverBlock Flooring

EverBlocks used at a military training facility

Build nearly anything using EverBlocks and EverBlock Flooring

Structures are easily created with EverBlocks and EverBlock Flooring

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