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Build A Beautiful Raised Platform

EverBlock Flooring can be used in combination with EverBlock Building Blocks to create a raised flooring system, riser system, or portable staging system that can be used as tent flooring, for multi-level or tiered seating, as raised displays, or as a raised floor over more complicated ground conditions where a higher elevation is required.

Use EverBlock raised flooring to create multi-level floors for events, operations centers, schools, retail displays, exhibits, and anywhere a multi-level portable stage or floor is required.

The building of a stage or riser

Create stages for events using raised floors and risers

Create colorful stages and risers

Stages and Risers can be created using EverBlocks and EverBlock Flooring tiles

Risers For Any Occasion

EverBlock Flooring may be laid straight down on various ground surfaces (sand, gravel, grass, asphalt, concrete, mud) but may also be raised up on EverBlock building blocks to create an elevated floor or stage for your needs. Easily incorporate lay-down and raised flooring on the same job site with both floor surfaces matching.

Create elevated fashion runways, presentation stages, band stages, and multi-level choir risers, all using the same flooring and block modules. Interlocking staging can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements.

Shims may be used under EverBlock building blocks to help level an EverBlock Floor or stage over an uneven sub-surface.

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Riser using the gray wood parquet finish

Alternative Colors

Choose from 16 standard colors and 3 wood patterns to build a raised floor that matches your event theme, retail space, facility decor and design scheme.

From fashion show runways to choir risers and from raised exhibit areas to retail display areas, the many styles and colors of EverBlock Flooring provide a higher level of design flexibility.

We offer 5 sizes of platforms in 3 heights on our web store but can design nearly any size or shaped staging system to meet your needs.

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Colorful riser created using EverBlocks and EverBlock Flooring

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