EverBlock Flooring Rentals

EverBlock Rentals holds a large stock of rental flooring and rents tent flooring, stadium/concert flooring, and dance floors throughout the continental United States.   

EverBlock Rentals offers both turn-key rentals and "dry-hire" sub-rentals of flooring (without installation) to end users and qualified rental companies.   Dry-hire rentals are available for any sizes flooring requirement. 

Our rates usually incorporate a weekly rental rate plus with round trip shipping.  We can also provide a supervisor or a full installation team, depending on your needs.

EverBlock Rentals is also able to provide carpet and turf installations on their own, or over EverBlock sub-floors, including complex logo and themed rugs, for a more finished look. 

 Contact us sales@everblockrentals.com for nationwide rentals of EverBlock Flooring.