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The Ultimate in Stadium Turf Protection

Natural turf protection flooring
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Use EverBlock DT and EverBlock ST flooring to protect sensitive stadium turf from damage due to concerts, festivals and other on-field events.   

Rounded edges on the underside of EverBlock flooring prevents bruising of natural turf and protects both natural and synthetic turf from getting cut or damaged.

EverBlock’s unique cross ribbing distributes weight effectively across flooring sections, preventing soil compaction, maintaining proper moisture levels, and creating open areas that promote ventilation and water flow.  The unique underside design creates a space for grass blades to remain protected from the type of wear and soil compaction that occurs under foot traffic.

With EverBlock flooring, thousands of visitors can walk, jump, and dance on the floor, while the turf below remains safe and ready for play.

EverBlock is ideal for full field protection against pedestrian traffic, lightweight vehicles, equipment (such as speakers and mixing stations), and rolling concert cases.  In addition to full field protection, use EverBlock along sidelines, during play, to prevent wear to the turn and to provide a dry surface for athletes and staff.  

Using EverBlock, your venue can become a truly multi-purpose venue – hosting concerts, graduations, or other on-field events.

synthetic turf protection
Astroturf protection

Use For:

  • Concerts

  • Graduations

  • Parties and Corporate Events

  • On-Field Tradeshows

  • Monster Truck Events

From large-scale events to small-scale functions, EverBlock is ideal for protecting your expensive natural and synthetic turf surfaces against wear, tear and damage from pedestrians and equipment.


Rapidly Install and Remove Sections For Quick Venue Turn-Over


stadium cover system

EverBlock Flooring transports in 3ft x 4ft panels, allowing for rapid installation by a minimal crew.  It takes 20 people 5-6 hours to install a full stadium of flooring, meaning that your venue can be used for sports one day and a concert the next.

For efficient installation, simply transport pallets of EverBlock into proximity so that panels can then be placed into position where needed. 

Modules connect in a matrix, creating a seamless floor that is both attractive and safe for large audiences.  Once installed, your stadium is transformed from a sports facility to a concert or event venue. 

Due to EverBlock’s unique connector design, sections can be nudged by foot into their connection position and then snapped into place with a simple step.

To remove sections, simply lift EverBlock sections up at a 45 degree angle, disengaging the panels for transport and further use.   



EverBlock DT (Drainage Top) allows for THE FLOW OF air, water, ventilation and light


EverBlock DT (Drainage Top) allows for air, water, ventilation and limited light to penetrate, allowing natural grass to continue to grow while the floor is down.  By creating a unique, shaded moisture canopy, EverBlock DT prevents turf from drying out or burning on hot days.

Circular aeration holes allow limited light to penetrate, providing for some photosynthesis to occur while the flooring is in place.

Aeration holes also provide for air-flow, which is important to minimize the risk of fungal growth while natural grass is covered for longer durations. 

Cross ribbing helps to distribute weights and to minimize pressure points that could compact soil or disturb roots systems or grass blades.

EverBlock DT can be left down for 3-4 days without significant damage to natural turf.

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EVERBLOCK ST (Solid Top) protects synthetic turf against spills, dirt, and debris


The EverBlock ST (Solid Top) has a closed surface design, which minimizes the flow of liquids and debris through the floor, making it ideal for synthetic turf protection.

Larger quantities of water can still flow through the EverBlock seams and under the flooring, providing a dry surface for concert-goers or event attendees.  Drainage channels allow water to flow underneath the floor to prevent water build-up.

Bi-directional cross ribbing distributes weight effectively, minimizing any pressure points that could shift turf infill (rubber or sand) or cause cutting or damage to the synthetic grass blades. 

EverBlock ST can be left down indefinitely, protecting synthetic turf as needed for long term events.   It can be ordered in multiple colors, to match team or corporate colors and unique floor designs can be created using our 3D virtual builder.

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Driveable Roadways Over Stadium Turf

When looking to drive heavy vehicles and equipment over your natural or synthetic turf field, we recommend utilizing our EverRoad heavy duty access mats. These can be loose laid alongside one another or they can be connected using heavy duty metal links. Mats can support weights up to 50,000 lb vehicles and will distribute the weight of tires, staging supports, and other equipment, so that damage to the turf is prevented.

EverRoad is a driveable roadway system for use on soft ground or over natural and synthetic turf

EverRoad is a driveable roadway system for use on soft ground or over natural and synthetic turf

Loose lay mats or connect as needed, using EverRoad links, for longer term or heavier duty use

Loose lay mats or connect as needed, using EverRoad links, for longer term or heavier duty use


We offer sales and turnkey rentals of stadium flooring

For users who expect to have multiple on-field events and can store and handle their own floor, it makes sense to own an EverBlock turf protection system.  For single use or one-time needs, we also offer turnkey rentals of EverBlock Flooring, including all labor and shipping logistics.   

For more information on rentals, see EverBlock Rentals HERE