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Tent Flooring For Events and Industrial Needs

EverBlock’s EverBase® tent flooring is ideal for corporate, residential, and industrial tents and shelters.

Our modular flooring sections transport efficiently on pallets and deploy quickly without tools or material handling equipment. Unlike other interlocking flooring systems, EverBase 2 tent flooring is a SYSTEM, meaning it integrates with other versions of EverBlock flooring as well as with EverBlock building blocks.

This versatility allows for previously unimaginable combinations - tent floors with inlaid dance floors, with raised floors for runways and staging, all integrated with walls and more. No other system provides such ease of use, combined with the incredible versatility of EverBlock Flooring.

EverPanels and EverFlooring in a tent

EverFlooring in a tent

EverFlooring in a tent being transported on the EverBlock transport cart

EverFlooring and EverPanels in a tent

Fast and Simple Installation

EverBase flooring is quick and easy to install, thanks to our proprietary high-speed connection system. This system was designed for easy installation over a variety of sub-surfaces. Over 1,000sq/ft of flooring can be installed by one person in about an hour and sections can be easily dismantled in about the same amount of time.

To connect EverBase panels, simply nudge sections into alignment and step down on the connector loops to lock sections together. Floor tiles are pre-assembled into 12 sq/ft panels and are screwed together for transport as a 3ft x 4ft single sheet. These Sheets connect seamlessly to each other using the rapid connection system.

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closeup of Flooring connectors
Step 1 of installing floor

Step 2 of installing floor

Step 3 of installing floor

Step 4 of installing floor

Prevent Damage To Grass and Ground Surfaces

All EverBlock flooring is durable and can handle typical ground variation and undulation common in backyards, parks and fairgrounds, and installs well over grass, gravel, sand, mud and asphalt.

The unique, structural cross-ribbing system, it will distribute weight effectively and protect natural and synthetic grass from damage as a result of foot traffic and the weight of event equipment such as bars, furniture, golf carts and Gators.

Use EverBase interlocking tent flooring to protect the grass inside dining, kitchen, and event tents for large or small-scale functions. Use as pathways between tents and over varying and undulating ground.

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EverBlock Flooring protecting the grass below it
A booth setup with EverBlocks and EverBlock Flooring

A car on top of EverBlock Flooring tiles

Pickup truck on top of EverRoads

Installing EverBlock flooring on stadium turf

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