Use EverBlock Flooring in Wet Areas

EverBlock Flooring is completely waterproof and can be used in wet and damp areas. From basements to event kitchen areas and from bar areas to car washes and garages, EverBlock is able to handle wet environments. 

waterproof basement floor


Achieve a Wood Flooring Look Without Concern For Warping

EverBlock's simulated wood finish floor, EverBlock Dance,  offers a realistic wood look that is nevertheless fully water proof and will not warp, rot, become waterlogged, or delaminate. Use EverBlock Dance anywhere a wooden floor is impractical such as damp basements or over wet ground. 

Create natural wood looking floors even in areas traditionally inhospitable to wood.

 Float your floor where needed or go wall to wall with minimal trimming

Float your floor where needed or go wall to wall with minimal trimming

DT VERSIONS of EverBlock HAVE Drainage Holes THAT Allow Water To Flow From The Top Surface To The Area Below

 DT version floors allow water to drain through

DT version floors allow water to drain through

The EverBlock 1 DT (Drainage Top) and EverBlock 2 DT allow water, air, and some light to flow through the floor, allowing ventilation that permits water flow from above the floor to the area below and allows air to flow, assisting in drying out the area below the floor.

The DT Version is ideal to use when cleaning equipment and vehicles, as dirty water flows through the floor, preventing puddling and allowing water to drain.  It is also ideal for outdoor use in rainy areas where water build up might occur. 


Drainage Channels Allow Water To Flow Freely Underneath The Floor 

Drainage channels run underneath the flooring

All EverBlock flooring incorporates uni-directional drainage channels which allow water to flow underneath the floor.  These drainage channels are like "roman-arches" within EverBlock Flooring's structural support ribs, that form openings through which water can flow

Damp area flooring